• A Weekend of Workshops, Rituals & Witchery

    Enter into the Ancient Splendor and Magical Majesty of a Redwood Forest;
    You are Beckoned…
    Welcomed into the Body of the Wisest and Eldest of Witches…
    Mother Nature.
  • Explore the ancient elements of
    natural magic within and without

    Faery and Elemental Magic from Folkloric Tradition
  • Work magic for the well being of our world
    as witches have done for centuries

    Self Empowerment by Sacred Sound, Prayer, Movement and Ritual in a Personal,
    Natural and Tribal Context
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What is it?A magical immersion event in the heart of the Redwoods

Beneath the glory of the sun and the lure of the moon, upheld by the deep earth, caressed by the winds, consecrated by tears of joy and grief we are called to the balefire. We come together  and make REAL magic as the "Witches in the Woods".

We have been called by a power older than time that awakens when the tribe of humanity, the forces seen and the unseen and the marriage of the spirits of light and shadow light merge and mingle. We make magic for the good of self and others and the earth herself. That is the call of this weekend of witchery and healing magic.

Will you answer it?

The whole weekend will be one of connection, communion, contact and sacred witnessing. It will be an experience of reaching deep to discover our needs so we may call forth the powers to heal, and grow and become sovereign in spirit and one in soul.

Meet the Presenters